Eagle County unites all Eagle County residents in a common goal to strengthen the county’s nonprofits by giving to their favorite local charities online. Since its inception, Eagle County Gives has raised more than $5,918,402 for local non-profits.
It’s a movement that inspires and unites thousands of donors to give where they live and support Colorado nonprofits. On Tuesday, December 10, please consider supporting your local friends diagnosed with breast cancer.
DONATE HERE to schedule your donation to the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group! @EagleCountyGives #EagleCOGives #COGivesDay #TheVBCAG
Thank you, in advance for your support to our group and this cause. We love and appreciate you.


Our 24th Celebration of Life luncheon was perfect in every way! Olympic Gold Medalist, and breast cancer survivor, Dorothy Hamill, who admitted she was nervous, had the crowd of almost 400,  eating out of her hand with her honest, warm delivery. Hamill spoke about her life in terms of “falling down and getting back up,” – from falling on ice, to getting divorced to surviving breast cancer.  Through her grit and positive outlook, Hamill has always “gotten up” and moved forward.

Our support of Eagle County residents who have been diagnosed with breast cancer continues this year with the 2018 donation of our new program, “Meals to Heal,” two weeks of dinners – created by Chef Weston Schroeder – to those beginning chemotherapy. We felt it would be a wonderful addition to our other significant gifts of a “Day to Play” as well as a “Shine On Bag” to those who have been diagnosed at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

The Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group’s motto is “Live each day. Love each day.” And, through our efforts we hope that, in some way, we are making life easier for many.


We are pleased to announce that Joan Lunden, an award- winning journalist, bestselling author, women's health advocate and breast cancer survivor will be the featured speaker at our 25th Celebration of Life luncheon to be held at the Vail Marriott Resort and Spa on Friday, July 26, 2019.

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FDA Mammogram Proposal

FDA proposes requiring mammogram providers to inform women on breast density. Mammogram centers will be required to inform patients if they have dense breast tissue, according to a new FDA policy proposal.

Radiation Experience

While the prospect of undergoing radiation treatment is a fearful one for most cancer patients, a new survey among breast cancer patients suggests that most women found therapy far less challenging than they feared.

Your Neighborhood

In breast cancer, women who live in neighborhoods with the highest 20 percent of education and income are twice as likely to be diagnosed with that disease, a 2017 study found.

Heart Association Warning

Cardiologists are not telling women with breast cancer to decline treatment - far from it. But in its first-ever statement on the most common female cancer, the American Heart Association warned on Thursday