"To help all men and women in Eagle County who have been diagnosed with breast cancer."

What We Do?

The Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group’s (VBCAG) fundraising efforts support all those in Eagle County — men and women — who are diagnosed with the disease. We help many who are in need of financial assistance while going through treatment and, as well, assist in emergency situations relating to the disease. Every dollar we raise stays in Eagle County. To begin, everyone diagnosed with breast cancer receives a check from the VBCAG in the amount of $500 — our Day to Play™ program — to help relieve the stress of treatment. The funds can be used to offset medical expenses or for a relaxing indulgence like a day at the spa. A Pink Lemonade Bubble Gum Day to Play program provides $50 to each child whose parent is undergoing treatment.

Since 1994, The Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group has played a critical role in bringing support to those diagnosed with breast cancer in Eagle County. And we are dedicated to making their journey as easy as possible.
 Thanks to our premier event, the Celebration of Life Luncheon™, we have raised over a million dollars to fulfill our vision to fund those who fight this disease each day. Over 300 women have received Day to Play™ funds and another 30 have received more than $2,000 in assistance. We donated $75,000 to the Sonnenalp Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center within the Shaw Regional Cancer Center and another $50,000 to Jack’s Place, a facility adjacent to the cancer center that provides patient accommodations to those who travel a long distance for treatment.  We also donated $50,000 to the Shaw for the purchase of a PET Scanner and another $50,000 towards the purchase of a stereotactic table for the Shaw Center’s radiation department.  In 2012, we established the Gap Fund, providing $50,000 to the Breast Center for those who need additional diagnostic tests and assistance with the gap payment due to their deductible or insurance coverage.

Celebration of Life Luncheon™

Our signature event, the Celebration of Life™ Luncheon, silent auction and raffle began in July 1994. Over the years, many notable speakers, including Dr. Susan Love, Linda Ellerbee, Marilyn Quayle, Susan Ford Bayles, Denver newscaster, Kim Christiansen, Robin Roberts, Giuliana and Bill Rancic, and Geralyn Lucas have shared their knowledge of breast cancer – as well as tears, laughter and life experiences – with their audiences.

A Day to Play™

Every Eagle County resident who is diagnosed with breast cancer – no matter what her echelon – receives $500 to relieve the stress of cancer treatment. 
Some have used the funds to entertain or to spend a day at the spa; others have put the money towards day care or to pay medical bills. The many notes of 
appreciation that we’ve received for this gesture have warmed our hearts and we are grateful that we have been able to help so many.

Pink Lemonade Bubblegum Day to Play™

Children whose parent is undergoing treatment for breast cancer receive their own Day to Play with proceeds raised by Eagle County element school student Lily DeMuth’s bubble gum machine. Funds are matched by the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group.